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The RSGB will be introducing new arrangements for the conduct of amateur radio examinations on 30 July 2013. Examinations running on or after that date will be to the new format.

Details of the changes and revised electronic copies of the relevant new documentation are available on the RSGB website. The RSGB have posted hard copies to examination secretaries. Clubs/examination secretaries not receiving the paper copies by the end of June should let Carol Meredith know by emailing carol.meredith@rsgb.org.uk.

The changes arise from the completion of a new computerised examination administration system. This will allow full introduction of the new syllabus elements introduced in 2009 and 2011.

The process which examination centres will be asked to follow under the new system, in summary, is as follows:

  • Examination papers are requested in the normal way. Payments and candidate name/examination venue/date etc together with officers administering the examination are supplied as at present.

  • For each examination the following papers will be provided:
    • Covering letter
    • Amateur Radio Examination Booklet (EX306)
    • Register and Assessment Sheet (RAS)
    • Examination papers for each candidate
    • Optical Mark Sheet (OMS) for each candidate
    • Reference Booklet for each candidate
    • Answer sheet relating to each candidate’s paper (Foundation and Intermediate only)
    • Candidate Feedback and Indicative Marking sheet (Foundation and Intermediate only)
    • Envelopes for return of papers, etc.

  • For the Foundation and Intermediate examinations, local marking continues but on an indicative basis only. The formal confirmation of a pass will now come from RSGB, once the Optical Mark Sheets have been automatically processed.

Local indicative marking is to be carried out using the answers on the OMS, then the “Candidate Feedback and Indicative Marking” sheet should be used to record answers given against the syllabus topics and to give the indicative mark (top right of the sheet). This sheet replaces the Pass Slip and Candidate Feedback Forms used in the past.

  • The OMS is completed by blacking in, in ink, a rectangle against the chosen answer for each question (see documentation referenced below). The answers on the OMS are to be used for any local indicative marking.

  • Immediately the local marking is completed, the OMS are to be placed in a sealed envelope and mailed to RSGB HQ together with the other documents currently returned. For the Advanced Examination the OMS is sealed at the end of the Examination in front of any remaining candidates.
  • RSGB will process the OMS on receipt, send each successful candidate a pass certificate and upload the results to Ofcom. The timeline for uploading to Ofcom has now been set at six working days to allow for any appeals, etc.

Copies of the new documentation are at http://www.rsgb.org/exampack

(Please note that this is a 27-page/1.6MB PDF file and requires RSGB members' login to download).

This includes:

a) The revised cover sheets to examination papers, explaining to candidates how to proceed.

b) A revised EX306 leaflet, which will be supplied with each examination – please read it carefully and familiarise yourself with what it says. Note particularly that the length of time allowed for the Foundation and Intermediate examinations has been extended a little to allow for the transfer of answers to the Optical Mark Sheet. This is a print version and so the page numbers are not sequential.

c) A new version of the Conduct of Examinations booklet (EX500 – April 2013) which sets out much of the detail. Again, please read carefully.

d) An example of an Optical Mark Sheet (Intermediate)

After reading this, you will appreciate that the main change for candidates is the way in which answers are recorded and the need to use black ink in the final marking-in of the OMS. For invigilators, ticks/crosses will be made on the Candidate Feedback & Indicative Marking sheet rather than the exam paper. Under no circumstances should indicative markers make any additional marks on the OMS. There will be no further need to complete a Tally Sheet.

RCF, June 2013.


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