The Radio Communications Foundation is a Registered Charity set up by, but independent from, the Radio Society of Great Britain. Its main aim is to create a fund which can be used to support initiatives to bring radio communications into the classroom, universities and any place where hands on public demonstrations can make a difference to the understanding of the magical world that is radio communications.

The Foundationís strategy of bringing the benefits of radio to young people and encouraging the use of technology guides its work.

The Radio Communications Foundation Strategy (6-page/158KB PDF)

The Foundation is also responsible for the management of the amateur radio examinations and it has appointed a Radio Communications Examination Standards Committee to be responsible for the oversight of the management structure and policies of the examinations. The day to day administrative work of the examinations is performed by the Radio Society of Great Britain.

The Foundation is governed by a Board of voluntary Trustees.

If you want to make a donation or leave a legacy or if you want to know how the Foundation might help you then please contact us.

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